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Weekends are for family. We usually go swimming on Sundays followed by a brunch in the city or meet up with some friends in the park or for early dinner. It has been ages since we visited an exhibition. Probably because we don’t want all the arguments from the kids before going. But also because i had a bit of an overdose during my Art Degree. Not an overdose of the eye-pleasing things to see, but of all the opinions you were supposed to have and all the different philosophical and psychological levels behind what you see. I found that to spoil the moment.  Let’s be clear: i’m terrible at seeing the other levels.

I just like aesthetically pleasing things. I really appreciate incredible skill and admire inspiring wit.

Yesterday we went to The Beauty of the Beast which is running at the d’Ursel Castle . It’s all about animal art by old and new masters, confronting and combining old and contemporary artists.

Koen Vanmechelen’s LUCY especially caught our attention, since my daughter’s name is Lucy. His project is all about the search for a better, more sustainable economic system.

Lucy and LUCY


My son was as expectantly looking at the bone as the muzzled dog skeleton by Pascal Bernier.

Spinning Bone – Pascal Bernier


Jean-Luc Cornec uses old telephones to construct a flock of sheep. The telephone cable wool, the handset feet and the telephone as a head just all combine perfectly and look surprisingly sheepy.

TribuT Telephone Sheep – Jean-Luc Cornec


In the Cow Passports series Jef Geys combines the photo of a cow with a passport that records the animal’s ‘personal details’. For some reason i find this very funny. It’s like hand drawing someone’s fingerprints but then in a gigantic cow’s spots scale. I particularly liked this one. The name reminds me of a dear friends’ mom. JUST the name!

Cow Passport ‘Monique’ – Jef Gens


This carpeted pig is part of Wim Delvoye’s TAPISDERMY. What a clever name! Like all of Delvoye’s work it totally fits in the environment of a noble castle and contrasts at the same time. Glad to see another one of his works. I appreciate his skill, originality and aesthetics with a message.

Bidjar – Wim Delvoye


I have this thing with taxidermy.

It started a long time ago. For my first communion, i received a naturalised Jay (Vlaamse Gaai) from my grand parents. I liked birds and for some reason getting a dead one made me very happy and proud… It stands in my son’s room today.

This photography from Studio Darwin Sinke & van Tongeren caught my eye instantly. I find this so pure! The swan is soaked in a liquid before being naturalised and that’s what it looks like. I find this extremely soft and peaceful. Go check out their website: it’s a cabinet of curiosity on it’s own.

Unknown pose by Black-necked Swan – Studio Darwin Sinke & van Tongeren


When at the Affordable Arts Fair in February, my husband and i stood a long time in front of a work by Atelier Les Deux Garçons. It was the body of Bibendum, the Michelin Man, and the head and tail of a Squirrel in a position ready to conquer the world. The work was done so finely and the humor of the little scene so perfect. The Gallerist told us about this upcoming exhibit and that’s what made me want to visit The Beauty of the Beast.

Le Modèle – Atelier Les Deux Garçons


Idiots have quite the same idea of mixing materials and animals. This wonderful rabbit looks like a tin soldier with a helmet and the teapot even gives it a pot belly. Quite endearing.

Bobby – Idiots


The title of this work sounds creepy to me, but then of course owls could be seen as experimenting on their catch… My son just nestled himself at the feet of this gigantic owl, just like the owls used to nest in the castle’s towers. He came out revived, not vivisected 😉

Le Grand Vivisecteur – Johan Creten


Finish your visit with a stroll in the park and an ice cream or bubbles at the Parkbar.

Nice day out with the family.




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