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I’m Alexia Struye.

Story short: born in 1977, raised in a Brussel’s suburb, gap year in Idaho (USA) after high school,  studied arts at ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels), graduated with an overwhelming feeling of what-am-i-going-to-do-now, travelled around Thailand for 10 weeks as a (temporary) solution, worked in a travel book shop and finally landed a job at Randstad where i worked my way through several fascinating HR jobs the past thirteen years.

Married with children: lovely Lucy (2008) and fabulous Felix (2009).

Travel addict: i’ve visited 42 of the 197 countries in the world and i don’t plan on stopping there. It’s the best way to be less judgemental, thankful and have a life filled with memories.

I love colour, you can, no doubt, see that in my photos and artwork.

This all makes me… ME: a creative mind in a result driven woman,  full of common sense and curiosity. You will find my enthusiasm contagious and will appreciate my ability to see solutions instead of problems.

Hello there!

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