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I started  lettering in december 2016. I got inspired by quite some books and things seen on instagram. I also followed two workshops with Karen Van Winkel and an online course with Amanda Arneill. They really got me started.

I do maintain a love-hate relationship with lettering. I love it when it works as imagined, but that involves daily practice… I hate it when i’m short in time and it just doesn’t work out at all…

So, i’ve recently been working on getting lettering in my daily routine and soon this page will be popping with masterpieces 😉

I love working with a lot of colour. It makes anything look instantly whoa. The metallic paint from Coliro works wonders on light and dark paper, the Pentel Sign Pens are the easiest for small lettering and come in twelve pretty colors. Dipped in Ecoline the letters look magical.

I struggle sometimes with the perfect imperfection that gives the piece it’s handmade look… i seem to forget that the point of modern calligraphy, as lettering is called, is the art of writing beautifully. Not perfectly.




Check out my favorite sources of inspiration:


Lise from Ink and Lise must be my all time favourite. She’s an extraordinary letterer and full of humour. No boring quotes with her!

Amanda Arneill has the greatest online classes, some are free and give you an excellent start on lettering. I enrolled in six week online class that was helpful and enjoyable beyond imagination. Amanda gives at least one live session per week and personal feedback on your homework and her online course is super clear and complete and remains available forever. I can absolutely recommend her. You’ll love her positive attitude and very funny manners.


Ian Barnard is another amazing lettering artist. He does both digital and ‘paper’ calligraphy. His videos are a joy to watch.

Karin from iPad lettering is an amazing Procreate source of inspiration. It’s just amazing what she creates on her iPad!

I have bought, borrowed and read an overwhelming amount of lettering books. Unfortunately only a few are inspiring and different from the pack. In all of the cases you buy an enormous amount of white pages supposed to be practice sheets on paper that is not fit for the purpose…


To me, there’s only one book so far that really sticks out:

Lee Suttley’s Sketching Type: A Guide Sketchbook for Creative Hand Lettering. It’s a workbook as well, but he has the most advanced and inspired ideas you won’t find in any of the other books. He unfortunately has no online presence that i found, so just get the book!

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