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Stuff eaten started accidentally when i posted a picture of an empty coffee cup and a plate with brownie crumbs.

Jax Blunt (@liveotherwise) mentioned the #stuffeaten and Naomi’s account. It’s like an antidote for food pictures on instagram and i instantly loved the idea.

I love food!

New flavours, pretty presentations, beautiful ceramics or sometimes not so nicely presented but just plain delicious (local) treats.

I just hate it, when instead of enjoying the food, people get out their cameras. It should be about the food experience and the time spent together, not how pretty the photo might be (and it usually sucks, because the lighting is set to cosy, not white).

I also realised it was a strange habit to pass to my kids: don’t touch your food before we’ve taken pictures of it! Instead of smelling and tasting the flavourful and colourful dishes.

The solution:  i would take the pic after i’d eaten… no one to be bothered.

Just a lot of extremely strange looks… as if that is more awkward than waiting for your food to be cold and interrupting conversations to take a perfect shot…

(You can still show all the hipster places you’re going to, but actually enjoy the food first!)

It’s only a small gallery so far, but growing. And please join in the fun using




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