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a citizen of the world

That’s what i like to call myself!¬†Someone who thoroughly enjoys discovering parts of the world and feeling at home there for a moment.

There are different theories and organisations with opinions about how many countries there are in the world. I like to take the 197 theory: 193 countries are member of the United Nations, two states are observing: Palestine and the Holy Seat and Taiwan and Kosovo are recognised by a whole lot of countries, so they’re part of the lot. Never thought it might be an issue… Anyway, now you know!

I’ve visited 42 and can impossibly leave it to it… i just love to travel! It gives me an enormous amount of energy: new colours and flavours, marvellous cultures and differences, beautiful locations and of course: a big disappointment from time to time. But then, traveling really helps to put things in perspective! In Vietnam, for example, we were very unlucky with the weather since there was a typhoon in the area: no beach bumming or snorkelling. Very unfortunate, but: the locals lost their full crop to inundated rice fields, that’s horrible.

Every trip is an eye-opener.

We always plan the trips ourselves. This takes a big amount of preparation: reading books and blogs, scrolling through #, drooling over instagram pictures,… But to me it’s the only way to see what you have to see (tourist) and also discover the real side of the country (explorer). I like to be an explorer more than a tourist, even if we miss out on some ‘big’ things, it makes our trip unique.

When i don’t have any upcoming trips planned, i become restless and start hatching new plans. I feel very unhappy not travelling.


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